You can give the gift of life by donating blood.

The milk is sour.

That boy won't tell me his name.

I'll shut up now.


I had to see Jacques.


He tries to make a good text for the audience.


I don't know her that well.

The police didn't find anyone's traces.

Ask her to lend me some money.

I have underestimated the strength of my opponent.

I am not coming because I am ill.

I admire Pharamp a lot.

Tell her where we've gone.

If I were you, I wouldn't trust Jochen.

They looked really happy.

It's pitch black.

As soon as he heard of it, he hastened to the spot.

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I'm afraid that's wrong.

She went mad after the death of her son.

Have you got another plan?

I'd like to do something else.

Ken is about as tall as Bill.


Beckie asked us several questions.

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The president saluted the public.

The modern world isn't governed by people, but by ideas.

There was a man from Nantucket who hated limericks.


I wasn't driving all that fast.


I want to be promoted.

My palms were sweaty.

Did you bring me anything?

Here we have assembled only athletes who have broken 10 minutes but, as you can see, Hirayama's record is the slowest of the five people.

Anna likes chocolate.

I have some French books.

You're not in bed yet?

I live in Colombia.

You can see for miles from the roof.

All that comes from the earth returns to the earth, and what comes from the water returns to the sea.

I thought you'd be hungry.

I can already see that happening.

I am not musical, but I like to sing in the shower.

As I told you before, I can't understand French.

That child thought much of his parents.


I thought you liked me.

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You can't do anything about that.

I've got some business here.

No one here pays.


I learned a lot.

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He's a sloppy kisser.

That was wonderful.

My mother made me study for three hours last night.

Were you the one who made the coffee this morning?

It's been done.

Novo got all the vegetables that Gypsy needs to prepare lunch from the garden.

Shawn died a few months later.

This is one of the jobs I have to do every day.

My pain is excruciating.

Where can I rent a Halloween costume?

The sentence is senseless, but correct.

Do you like the city?

I remember reading about a dog that had eaten its owner.

You look fantastic!

He had gone to the airport to meet Mr West.


Why doesn't Glenn want to go?

The secret of life isn't to try and get what you want, but to be satisfied with the things you get, when you get them.

I'm going to chop her head off with a cleaver.

I want to speak in German with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Some man.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Books such as these are too difficult for him.

It chanced that we were both traveling on the same train.

Is it OK to talk to Agatha first?

Where can I exchange foreign currency?

I should have read the signs.

The children were on the verge of crying.

I have to go tell Ron.

Here's the best part.

The rule is utterly inflexible.


I found this restaurant by chance.

Only adults can see this film.

Did Daniel come home last night?


Fasten your seat belts when you drive a car.

Possible side effects include blurred vision and shortness of breath.

She doesn't eat beef.

Akiko is busy enough to forget her appointments.

You don't have to eat with Laurie, but I wish you would.


He had no clothes on him at all.


Rex used to work with Mayo.

Owen would like that.

Compared to basketball, baseball might be considered a little slow and boring.


My favorite team is Inter Milano in Italy.


Human stupidity is without limits.

Can we speak French instead?

You were supposed to be with Andre yesterday afternoon.


Theo can't speak French very well.


Kyu doesn't go to the market, no matter if Raul goes to the market.

Our fighters averaged 430 missions a day.

Greed is good.

I found out that the woman I thought was a nurse was actually a doctor.

He's so stupid, I swear I can't stand him.


The actions she took were too careless, and she was left defenseless.

I thought chances of Hilda not noticing what Seenu was doing were pretty slim.

I don't want to let them down.

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There are no girls on the Internet.

You should be ashamed of your behavior.

I like your profile picture.

Ask Christian instead.

I understand your Cantonese.

He weighs 70 kilos.

Try to see how far you can jump.

Except for Deb, everybody seems to be having fun.

Stacey left the party with Drew.

This isn't news.

I don't want to mess around.

I can't wait for Valentine's Day!

You're not going in the right direction.


Lend me your car tomorrow.

Please, tell me.

Too many people are indifferent to politics.

When you come across unknown words, you have to look them up in the dictionary.

Let's chat.

Where's the oar?

The President called on everyone to save energy.


Ian is very interested in painting.

I'll do it alone.

My printer only prints in black and white.

This is a crazy idea.

Francois would cry.


Nobody could refuse their invitation.

Casey told us a sad story about an old man and his dog.

Alex would like to become a simultaneous interpreter.

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I gave him a stern talking to.

Do you really think you can buy my friendship?

It's only a slight cold.

I have agreed to let a friend's son come up to this farm by day for about six months as a sort of farm pupil.

His English is perfect.

I'm not one of those folks.

Morris did it right away.

The report goes that the president left London yesterday.

I sometimes take a shower in the morning.

Yesterday I went to see Robert, whose father is a pilot.

You can have this.


He has lots of money.

Hotta is a good man.

Amarth had a glass in either hand.

Everything is still new for me.

We'll leave as soon as you are ready.

Don't yell at my kid.

A passport is something without which one cannot go to another country.


Betsy doesn't know where he was born.

Did Wendy remember to do what we asked him to do?

You've got to keep fighting.


Hirofumi will call you every day.

Have you fixed the dates yet?

I kept company with him since we were students.

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I told her I hated her.

Susanne is the real hero.

Our troops were constantly harassed by the guerrillas.

Will there be anything else?

People were shocked when the Serbs shot down an American F-117 in 1999. Indeed, all American military aircrafts are vulnerable including stealth aircrafts like the F-117.

I still have a lot of questions.

He took the express for Tokyo.

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The pain is agonizing.

I haven't got much money.

This is the guitar that Herbert gave me.

I hope to be able to go in June.

Hy is very secretive.

I think he will soon catch up with us.

Gail and Emily are a couple.